About Gulrez Khan

Gulrez Khan, popularly known as “Gus” among his peers is an Indian-American entrepreneur and politician.  He is the co-owner of American Star Home Health & Hospice Care, co-owner of Global Consultants of Texas, and owner of Gulrez Khan Management, LLC.

Khan is an active political figure with the Republican Party of Texas. With the GOP,  he currently serves as a Precinct chairman and was elected a National Delegate to vote for President Donald Trump in the Republican National Convention (Florida) in 2020. In 2022, Khan ran for Mayor of his city and the same year, he served as a Delegate and Sergeant-At-Arms in the Texas Republican State Convention (Houston, TX).

Gulrez was born in India and raised in India. He completed his schooling at the prestigious Bhavan Vidyalaya School and high school at the DAV Sr. Secondary School (Chandigarh, India). For higher studies, Khan graduated from G.G.D.S.D College (Chandigarh) and Punjab University (Chandigarh). In the USA, Khan completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Forbes School of Business (Iowa). Gulrez feels blessed to be an American. He has played professional cricket in both India and the United States including playing for the Dallas County Cricket Club (North Texas Pro Cricket League). Khan is also an avid golfer and has competed in 3 U.S. Open Golf qualifying championships and a Texas State Open qualifier. Khan belongs to a prominent family of physicians. His Father is a retired physician in India and his uncle is a prominent physician in Texas Unfortunately, Gulrez lost his mother in 2018 which had a deep impact on him. His family and extended family resides in the USA, India, and throughout the globe.

As a philanthropist, Khan has served on numerous boards and committees including the South Plains Food Bank, Pediatric Cancer Association, Center for Global Understanding, and so on. He has facilitated fundraising for the American Heart Association,  AMBUCS, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and many more nonprofits.

Gulrez Khan is currently running for the United States Congress (i.e. The U.S. House of Representatives – Texas District 32) in 2024 as a Republican candidate. As a former professional athlete, Khan enjoys taking up challenges and firmly believes in America’s endless possibilities. Khan believes that America is a land where anyone with the hard work, drive and initiative can achieve anything. Along with that, Khan believes that in order to get one’s voice heard, one has to participate actively in America’s legislative process especially, by running for public office(s).

Gulrez “Gus” Khan can be reached at: [email protected]